Hakuna Matata (Happy Hamper/Planner)

Rs. 1,499.00 Rs. 3,999.00


Kickstart the year with our 2024 planner here to make you boss up and be the best version of yourself! Organise and traverse through the year with vision boards, future goal trackers, bucket lists, wellness trackers and so much more!

Choose your style:

Pick and choose from 7 designs that match your vibe for the year and make a statement everywhere you go!


  • A5 size (21cm x 14cm)
  • Natural shade 100 GSM paper
  • Hardbound cover with premium matte finish
  • Three bookmark ribbons
  • Elastic book band

What’s inside the Planner?

  • 2024 Calendar
  • Vision Board
  • 2023 Overview
  • Improvement Plan
  • Letter to Future Self
  • Self-Exploration Prompts
  • Bucket & Anti-Bucket List
  • Monthly Dividers and Activities
  • Monthly Shopping List and Meal Planner
  • Monthly Budget Tracker, Mood Tracker, Habit Tracker, Workout/Period Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Password Tracker, EMI Tracker
  • Monthly Reflections
  • Monthly Affirmations
  • Monthly Reminders, Appointments, Meetings, and Notes Section
  • Half-Yearly Reflection
  • Reading & Learning List, Watch List, Wish List, Restaurant List, and Emergency Contact List
  • Annual Vacation Plan, Travel List, and Packing List 
  • Highlights of the year
  • Inner Back Pocket for Storage
  • Free 8 sheets with 300 + stickers on the inside

Discover happiness in a box with our Happy Hamper!

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Sneak peek of what's inside: 

  • Be the Chaiwala - Make unlimited chai for your mom and dad for the day. 
  • Lights, Camera, Action - Family movie night with unlimited snacks.

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  • The Ultimate Playlist - Create a killer playlist together. 
  • Reel Time! - Let's make a fun reel!

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Turn your dreams into reality with our 2024 planners!